Quick start guide

This Quick Start Guide provides you instructions on how to setup your Ozeki Camera recorder software quickly. It will help you with the first steps to configure your camera and to setup a simple recording task. The guid uses a USB camera, the steps are similar for IP cameras as well.

Step 1 - Download Ozeki Camera Recorder

The latest release of Ozeki Camera Recorder can be downloaded from the following URL: www.camera.ozeki.hu/index.php?owpn=716. On this page, you need to click on the first link as Figure 1 shows below. We recommend you to always download the latest version. This version contains the latest bug fixes, security improvements and all the latest features.

downloading ozeki camera recorder
Figure 1 - Downloading Ozeki Camera Recorder

Step 2 - Run the installer

After you extracted the .zip file, please open the newly created folder, and just like in Figure 2, just click on the executable file to start the installation process. (Note, that a more detailed installation is available at http://camera.ozeki.hu/index.php?owpn=1085.)

start installation
Figure 2 - Start installation

Step 3 - Click on next

As soon as you clicked on the .exe file, the installer starts with a welcome screen (Figure 3). All you have to do here is to click Next to continue the installation.

welcome to camera recorder
Figure 3 - Welcome to Camera Recorder

After the installation process is finished the Ozeki Camera Recorder service will start automatically in the background. To run Ozeki Camera Recorder on your web browser, just check Run Ozeki Camera Recorder as you can see it on Figure 4 and click Finish.

installation successful
Figure 4 - Installation successful

Step 4 - Click on the "Camera Recorder" desktop icon

The home page of Ozeki Camera Recorder is a desktop, where you can find the Camera Recorder application's icon as Figure 5 shows it. Click on the Icon to open the application.

ozeki camera recorder desktop
Figure 5 - Ozeki Camera Recorder desktop

Step 5 - Click "Create new camera", then select "USB camera"

To add new USB camera to the Camera Recorder select the Create new Camera button on the Camera Recorder control page and than select USB Camera from the Details as you can see on the Figure 6.

add new usb camera
Figure 6 - Add new USB camera

Step 6 - Select the camera device name

In the camera details page select the USB camera what you want to use and click on the OK button (Figure 7).

select usb device
Figure 7 - Select USB device

Step 7 - Create a new camera recording job

After you added a camera you can create various recording job. Select the Recording jobs menu and than click on the Create new Recording job button. From the recording job types select the Continous (Figure 8). Continuous recording job allows you to record your camera feed constantly.

new camera recording job
Figure 8 - New camera recording job

Step 8 - Configure the camera recording job

In the Recording job details select the recorder camera device and specify the max length of the video files. Finally click on the OK button (Figure 9).

configure camera recording job
Figure 9 - Configure camera recording job

Step 9 - Play the recorded video

In the recordings menu you can see the completed video files. If you click on one of them you can play the video.

play recorded video
Figure 10 - Play recorded video