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SMS Gateway technology. Use our SMS Server products on Windows,Linux, or Android

Developers can use our C# SMS API to send SMS from C#.Net. The C# SMS API comes with full source code

The ozeki PHP SMS gateway software can be used to send SMS from PHP and to receive SMS usig PHP on your website

SMPP SMS Gateway
SMS service providers use our SMPP gateway solution, that offers a high performance SMPP server and SMPP client gateway with amazing routing capabilities
Ozeki Camera Recorder

Computer vision

Check out some of the great computer vision configurations you can setup with your cameras. This page is an overview of the most popular setups. You can read a short introduction to the solutions to get an idea of what it does. If you like the solution, you can jump to the guide that explains how to configure your system to get a similar setup.

motion detection to email alert
Motion detection to e-mail alert
Find information about how you can use your camera as a motion detector and send alert messages in case it senses motion. By setting up en e-mail connection in Ozeki, you will be able to forward an alert e-mail message from the motion detector camera to that e-mail connection if the camera detected some motion.
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motion detection to sms alert
Motion detection to SMS alert
Learn about how you can use your connected camera to detect motions and send SMS alerts in case a motion triggers the camera. You can set up an SMS connection in Ozeki which can receive the alerts in case the connected camera detects a motion. Let's get started.
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motion detection to http request
Motion detection to HTTP request
Your camera that is connected to Ozeki Camera Recorder can be used as a motion detector camera. The motion detector camera can send alert messages as an HTTP request in case it detects motion. The HTTP client can be created in Ozeki and it will forward the detection alert message using HTTP request.
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barcode scan to email
Barcode scan to E-mail
In Ozeki Camera Recorder, you can use your camera to scan barcodes and read the data that the barcode contains. The detected and scanned barcode and the information from it can be sent by e-mail. For that, you need to set up an e-mail connection in Ozeki which will receive the data from the barcode scanner.
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barcode scan to sms
Barcode scan to SMS
The camera which is connected to Ozeki Camera Recorder can be used to scan barcodes and get the data from the barcode. Camera Recorder also provides the opportunity to send the data stored in the barcode via an SMS message. To do that, you need an SMS connection, that can be easily created in Ozeki.
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barcode scan to http
Barcode scan to HTTP
Ozeki Camera Recorder ensures the ability to send the data from the scanned barcode using HTTP. For that, you just need a camera and connect it to Camera Recorder as a barcode scanner, and an HTTP client which can be also created in Ozeki quite easily as well.
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