On premise camera system

Setup your camera recording system in house. It is a much safer and a better solution than relying on an Internet based camera recording service. Download Ozeki Camera recorder by clicking on the following button:

Download Ozeki Camera
Recorder for Windows:
Download Ozeki Camera Recorder

Ozeki Camera recorder is a software you can install on one of your Windows computers. It can also be called as an on premise camera system. It can record audio and video streams from multiple cameras simultaneously and can store the recordings in mp4 format on your hard drives. This gives you easy access and management of your recordings. This system operates even if there is no Internet connection and it allows you to add and remove cameras in a very convenient way.

USB cameras
IP cameras

Multiple views

Ozeki camera viewer allows you to view your cameras in real time using a split view format or you can put the video stream of a camera on a monitor in full screen mode. If your camera support Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), the PTZ control buttons will appear as an image overlay over the camera stream

Scheduled recording jobs

Ozeki camera recorder offers innovative ways to record the audio/video stream of your camera. You can setup a continuous camera recording jobs. You can create event driven camera recording jobs, that will be executed on certain events, such as motion detection. You can create scheduled camera recording jobs, which means, that you define a period in the calender (e.g. Every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.) and the Ozeki software will record the audio/video stream in this timeslot. Of yourse you can always start and stop the video recording manually or you can take snapshots.

Send alerts in SMS or E-mail

Ozeki camera recorder includes motion detection capability and other computer vision algorithms, such as face detectionm barcode recognition, etc. These computer vision algorithms generate events. For example if you setup motion detection the camera can trigger an event if it detects motion. You can use these events to send messages to mobile phones or e-mail addresses. For example if you configure the motion detection algorithm to send an SMS message, you can notify the relevant people in an SMS text message sent to a mobile phone. If you use e-mail, you can also include a snapshot of the camera (called video frame) in the message, so the recipient will see what caused the event. This is a great way to send alerts on camera events.

Scan barcodes, write an app

You can use the built in computer vision system to detect barcodes with a camera. When a barcode is detected, you can issue an HTTP request, launch an application, save the barcode data into a database or process it in your custom software using one of the easy to use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

How to scan a barcode with your camera!

Camera Cluster System

If you operate a very large number of cameras (several hundreds or thousands of cameras), the processing capacity of a single computer will not be sufficient to fulfill your image processing and recording needs. The Ozeki Camera Recording system can be scaled up by adding more computers. For our enterprise customers with a very large number of cameras, we offer the Ozeki Cluster System, which helps you operate Ozeki Camera Recorder on multiple computers.

Ozeki Cluster allows you to configure the whole system (up to 100 servers) from a single web user interface. It will make sure configurations are synchronized, the processing load is balanced between the nodes of your cluster, and it will help you operate the whole network of computers as a single system.

More information

Feature list

Check out the amazing feature of this super samera recorder software. Learn about recoring and viewing option and computer vision features.

System requirements

Find out the software and hardware requirements. In short you need a windows PC with an up to date processor and sufficient RAM.

PDF order form

You can download and fill out this form and send it to us in e-mail to info@ozeki.hu to start your purchase.

PDF Guide

You can download the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway Product Guide (151 MB) and read about the SMS communication software.

Installation guide

how to setup ozeki on windows

How to install

Check out this step by step installation guide. It will show you how you can install this Ozeki product using the Ozeki app store.
how to set admin password

Create admin password

This guide provides you information about how you can create a password for your admin account.
how to activate ozeki product

Product activation

In this guide, you can learn about how you can activate your Ozeki 10 product with the purchased serial number.


Continuous recording

If you want to record everything captured by your camera, continuous recording job is the solution that you are looking for.

Scheduled recording

The scheduled camera recording job is a great solution in case you know what is the time interval, that you want to record with your camera.

Event driven recording

Event driven recording job is the solution that you are looking for if you would like to record the image of your camera only in case of a specific event occurs.

Manual recording

With a manual recording job you have the ability to start and stop the recording by sending a simple text message to the connected camera connection.

How to take snapshots

Camera Recorder provides you the ability to take a snapshot of the camera image anytime you want.
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